Free Market Radicals in Rochford, Essex 10th Sept

After a long break in our events programme, due to the pandemic, CERG are back with the first in a series of Free Market Radical events.

The first event takes place in Rochford, Essex on Friday 10th Sept where our guest speaker, Jon Cruddas MP, will help frame the localism debate (for details see postcard below). This is also an opportunity for people in the town to discuss the future of Rochford.

Free Market Radicals is a project that is focused on developing good ideas and providing support to local partners who want to do good things. It is focused on understand what ‘localism’ means given the challenges faced by towns and villages across the UK today. A lot has happened in the last few years, and certainly since Covid-19 that has changed the context for town and village centres. We are keen to share reports, concepts, ideas and theory that may be of interest for people that want to take action, and some of it may be helpful in making a case for support or investment.

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