Next Club Critical Theory Event (Seaside Cultures) confirmed – 8pm Fri 17th Nov, 2017

News about next CCT event



CCT will be back upstairs at the Railway Hotel in Southend on Fri 17th Nov with a Seaside Cultures special starting at 8pm.

We have a fantastic line-up of confirmed guest speakers and panel discussants (see below).

More details to follow, but we expect to address the notion of seaside culture in light of Paul O’Grady’s widely reported comments about Southend and framing discussion around questions concerning e.g.  what’s different about the seaside as a place? Why have a seaside at all? Is it an outdated Victorian concept or is the seaside relevant today, and if so how?  What is a post-Brexit seaside culture like? What is artsy Southend?

The direction of discussion on the night will of course be spontaneous.

Here’s the confirmed line-up…

CCT Seaside Cultures 17th Nov
Confirmed Speakers
Tim Gale
Daniel Burdsey
Confirmed panel discussion (with Dan and Tim)
Joanne O’Connor
Tim Burrows


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