News about Club Critical Theory Food Cultures and Southend Food Plan

Following up on our recent CCT Food Cultures event at Focal Point Gallery, CCT/Cultural Engine/UEL and a number of significant community groups met at Southend Borough Council yesterday to propose the Southend Food Plan. Here are the 10 agreed objectives.

Next meeting is in Oct – get in touch if you feel you can contribute to any of the areas of interest.

A Food Plan for Southend:

Ten Objectives

  1. Form a Southend Food Partnership to increase levels of collaboration, sharing of resources, knowledge and experience


  1. Join the Sustainable Food Cities movement


  1. Work towards the eradication of food poverty


  1. Influence Public Health – increase a broader perception of Food as Culture. Aim to reduce obesity and diet-related ill health through re-examining relationships with food and how to improve them


  1. Bring people together through food projects – collaborative cooking in communities, and creating links between cooking and growing schemes


  1. Support community growing projects and use of the wild harvest


  1. Develop an inclusive, vibrant local food and drink economy (support local producers, tourism and ‘sense of place’)


  1. Support Food and Growing schools and educational programmes


  1. Reduce food waste, encourage the redistribution of surplus food and fallen fruit


  1. Increase wider engagement with communities, integrating Food, Art and Cultural events and programmes

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