Affect and Social Media Symposium#2 Programme


Affect and Social Media Symposium#2 Programme

Register here:

23rd March 2016 at the University of East London, Docklands Campus

Registration opens at 9am in EBG: 06 (Ground floor, East Building)

9.50am in EBG: 06

Introduction to Social Media and Affect (Tony Sampson)

10.00-11.30 in EBG: 06

Panel 1: Digital Emotion – Chair: Helen Powell

  1. Darren Ellis (University of East London) Experiencing social networks
  2. Anne Vermeulen & Heidi Vandebosch (University of Antwerp) The social sharing of happiness, sadness, pride and shame on social media platforms
  3. Lewis Goodings (University of East London) Trigger warnings: anticipating reactions in a social media site
  4. Mary-Jane Budd, Johanna Winters, and Pauline Bizimana (University of East London) Does autistic trait affect emoticon use in messaging on Whatsapp?
  5. Ian Tucker (University of East London) Digital emotion? Simondon, affectivity and individuation

Followed by 15mins discussion

10min break – tea/coffee in EBG: 06

11.40-12.55pm in EBG:…

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