Extended text version of Deleuze in Southend talk at CCT event and next event

There’s an extended text version of the Deleuze in Southend talk at the first CCT event on 17th April.

It’s published on the Virality blog – http://viralcontagion.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/deleuze-in-southend-on-sea/

There will be a full summary of both talks on this blog soon.

We have also confirmed the next event for the 20th June.

Kursaal as Heterotopia

Date: 20th June upstairs at the Railway Hotel

Time: 8.30 – to start discussion at 9pm


Jane Millar (Artist and Curator)
Angie Voela (Academic)
Tony D Sampson (Chair)

Guest DJ:  “Twig the Wonder Kid” (11-1am)

Again, more to follow…

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