Thank you all for attending first CCT event

The first CCT event

We met yesterday to review the first CCT event and put in place plans for the next.

All of us are very pleased indeed with the turnout, interaction and feedback on the 17th April. Over the moon in fact.

It is great to know that there are so many people in Southend with an interest in critical theory, and ready to come down the pub to engage with it. Please tell your friends about us. We welcome anyone who wants to contribute or just listen (over a pint) to what critical theory has to say about Southend related issues.

We will be publishing a summary document of the first event on this site in the next few weeks. More to follow.


Re. next event

There will most probably be a change to the initial advertised May 25th date for the Kursaal as Heterotopia special. We want Angie Voela (from UEL) to come down and do her stuff on Foucault to complement artist and curator Jane Millar’s fascinating proposed project on the amusement park – and possibly another guest to be confirmed.

We  also have a guest DJ on the night – Twig the Wonder Kid 🙂

Hope you can all make this free event – will keep you all updated about new date and times here, twitter and on FB.


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